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Tarot of the Unbeaten Track





In May 2020 I was inspired to start carving Lino. This was new to me, having been introduced to it once at school, it now seemed to be push to do something in response to the isolation of a global pandemic.

At that time I was giving my father remote Reiki sessions. He had been diagnosed with a very rare terminal brain cancer in 2018 and unfortunately western medicine wasn't able to offer him anything. So in the absence of conventional medicine, we went on an adventure together into the realms of Energy Healing. I had been attuned many years previously but not practising. We were both very open to see the ways in which this practise could make a difference to his life.

At times I was witness to truly miraculous events.  My logical mind was blown away and I began to gratefully accept  that some things are not about logic. The Reiki literally charged him up, like a computer with a low battery being plugged back into the mains. To the point where he could have barely walked before a session and then able to walk freely for the rest of the day after. This is how it manifested for him, this and and overall sense of peace. 


Soon it became apparent that this call to carve lino for a bigger purpose, and the strengthening of practising Reiki was an integral part of the mission. It was for the purpose of creating a Reiki deck. 


Over a period of 3.5 months, carving almost daily, I received a vision for each of the 78 cards, and whilst the Reiki space remained open I focused the energy into a lino mould.

In physical terms this was carving light energy into a solid material, and energetically the Reiki was both a tool to carve and also energy that remains in the image. I liken it to the grooves in an LP; in this case the Universal Life Force frequency etched into each mould is what plays out. The white areas of the images, the frequency in picture form.

The intention of these Reiki sculpted images, are as tool for healing.

The form of Tarot, gives an additional method to connect to the superconscious, our higher self and Guidance.


One card at a time, one day at a time.

On a personal level, the process of this step by step journey had an incredible impact on my own healing. In a very challenging period in all other ways (at times was very bleak,) the drive to continue a daily practise for a purpose far greater than myself, helped me to accept the beauty in the present and kept me sane.


Through the passage of time and a positive daily practise, what also formed is a physical representation of what each and every moment can bring in the whole, when you keep going. You may not know the route but the path will open up if you keep taking the steps. Every part of this process has been new for me and self taught.

I hope that this can bring a sense of encouragement to those who view these images and work with the cards.

From Minor to Major you may visibly be able to see the journey of these cards. ​

A colour version of the images has also come into existence. The black and white originals, used as the foundation.  Both are available as Reiki prints you can buy. I am in the process of developing the full card deck to be used for the reading of Tarot.

 to buy as hand made lino prints




These are hand rubbed lino prints and therefore are unique,  no two are exactly the same because of the nature of the way the ink settles on the paper. All are printed on Acid free cartridge paper with water based ink.

The Major Arcana are A4 with a  painted gold acrylic border.

On acid free cartridge paper, in a cellophane presentation sleeve.

£50 + postage


The Minor Arcana A5 within a black A4 paper border mount.

On acid free cartridge paper, in a cellophane presentation sleeve.

£40 + postage

 to buy as a Artist quality Giclee Print


Currently there are a Limited number of colour versions on the website. The rest of the Major Arcana will be available soon.

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